Our Services

Balance Advisory are specialists in providing sophisticated offsite infrastructure advice. Our capable team has a deep appreciation and working knowledge of the infrastructure landscape and our suite of services is tailored to meet the needs of clients and organisations relating to enabling infrastructure that supports your projects or operations.

Infrastructure Supply Chain Capability

We deliver unique intelligence for those who own, develop, operate, regulate or manage infrastructure assets via our commercial, technical, logistical, operational and regulatory capabilities.

Whether you own, develop, operate, regulate or manage infrastructure assets, Balance Advisory has the capability, networks and breadth of experience required to deliver unique leadership and guidance across the whole infrastructure lifecycle.

No other single advisor can provide such an integrated service across and between each infrastructure discipline and the combined capabilities of our team are structured to achieve optimal outcomes. Our reputation as a leading infrastructure advisor was earned through the application of our transparent and holistic approach – netting cost savings in excess of A$500 million for our clients.

Our true independence and boutique size allow us to develop impartial and personalised services for clients seeking tailored and sophisticated advice.



Balance Advisory brings the operational acumen required to deliver technical advisory services across commodity, water, energy, rail and port infrastructure projects.

The Balance Advisory team has developed a reputation as the “go to” service providers for tailored off-site infrastructure solutions which best aligns commercial, financial and operational initiatives.

From concept development and evaluation to value engineering and procurement strategy, Balance Advisory delivers responsive and targeted support to examine your existing functions and assist you to pursue guided development.

Logistical & Operational

The Balance Advisory team has the diverse experience and strategic understanding necessary to guide clients through the successful management of logistics and supply chain analysis to support investment priorities.

With significant experience in all infrastructure lifecycle phases, Balance Advisory understands the logistical challenges faced by asset owners and managers and specialises in optimising the current state of play to inform future outcomes.

From project scheduling and budgeting to the management of engineering services, Balance Advisory has developed a range of logistical competencies its current clients have come to rely on.


Balance Advisory has practical experience delivering profound insights into the financial and technical feasibility, long-term viability and risk and opportunity management of projects to assist clients to select and oversee future opportunities.


Balance Advisory has experience managing the regulatory requirements of diverse projects across the key infrastructure sectors of commodities, water, energy, rail and port networks at all phases of their lifecycle.

Commercial Capabilities

We ensure commercial objectives align with technical and operational aspects because we intimately understand your commercial landscape. Our skill in helping you realise your project goals and maximise investment returns is unmatched.

Balance Advisory works with you to develop a cost-effective solution to meet a range of commercial needs, drawing on decades of experience providing advice to establish the overall viability of major infrastructure projects.

We also work with you to identify opportunities to mitigate and eliminate time and cost risks relating to your infrastructure requirements.

We not only comprehend your commercial objectives but deliver focused and integrative services using logical insight to meet or exceed expectations.

Our ability in preparing and negotiating infrastructure usage agreements is unmatched by our peers and our skill set extends to include:

  • Ensuring commercial alignment with technical and operational aspects
  • Evaluating commercial aspects of project development and operations
  • Facilitating secondary market trading in infrastructure capacity
  • Unrivalled knowledge-base across major infrastructure projects operating systems including costing models on rail and port and in all major coal supply chains.

Independent Advice

We make negotiation, risk mitigation and opportunity evaluation effortless through independent advice across commercial transactions and disputes as well as offering a tailored and focused due diligence process.

Independent Specialist Advice

Why is independent advice important? So the client is fully-informed when dealing with corporate transactions and disputes to enable them to know of and manage associated risks during key decision processes.

Balance Advisory is ideally positioned to provide impartial, concise and practical advice leading to minimising likelihood of disputes or where a dispute exists, Balance Advisory’s advice will provide a greater degree of clarity around the relevant issues.

We draw upon our skills in conducting scrupulous forensic assessments to offer specialist advice and measured, analytical questioning on a wide range of contractual disputes – with services available from mediation and adjudication to litigation, if required.


Due Diligence

Balance Advisory offers specialised technical, operational, financial and commercial due diligence to identify and mitigate risks.

Our agile and common-sense approach to due diligence extends to uncovering and evaluating:

  • expansion opportunities
  • mutually-beneficial mergers
  • profitable acquisitions; and
  • strategic scaling

Due Diligence

Balance Advisory offers specialised technical, operational, financial and commercial due diligence to identify and mitigate risks through independent project reviews and a tailored and focused approach to upside and downside potentials.

Our agile and common-sense approach to due diligence extends to uncovering and evaluating:

  • expansion opportunities
  • mutually-beneficial mergers
  • profitable acquisitions or
  • strategic scaling.

As an impartial party informed by extensive experience, we provide:

Capability Audits

Shrewd Project Reviews

Detailed Reports on Business Improvement Opportunities

Predicted Project Values

Robust Risk Profiles